The Online Shop Is Now Closed
The Online Shop Is Now Closed

Our Online Shop Is Now Closed

We have made the decision to close the online shop and we are no longer taking orders through the website.

The need for this service arose during the pandemic and we achieved our primary goal of reaching all those customers that couldn’t make it to our shops.

Limitations of a third-party courier has proved to be challenging and at times in conflict with our simple and sustainable vision of serving the public with a great product. Some of the requirements of fulfilling these deliveries have left us pondering our carbon footprint and have really challenged our idea of supporting the local high street.

At Moxon’s we have always played to our strengths. Using our accrued experience we buy top quality fish which our well trained and knowledgeable staff then sell from our shops. Its what we are good at and it is where our passion lies.

We would like to thank all of those who have supported us!