How we prepare your fish.

Our fishmongers can prepare your fish in various ways, please see below for the services we offer.


An incision is made in the belly of the fish at the tail end and cut through the skin to the head. The guts, roe and gills are removed.


Holding the fish by the tail, a blade is scraped in short, sharp bursts against the grain of the scales and back again, until the scales are removed.


Fish fillets are cut along the entire side of the fish, removing the meat from the spine and most of the bones.


The fins are removed.

Pin Boned

The small, thin, flexible bones distributed along the side of the fillet are removed.


Steaks are portions of fish that have been cut across the body rather than along the sides. They include a section of backbone.


Held at the tail end of the fish, a small angled cut through the flesh is made. The skin is held while a knife is gently moved through the fish.


Supremes are portions of fish that have been cut across the boneless fillet.